I am an Art Director, Interactive Designer/Developer, Front-end Developer and Digital Artist. I am a "UI-Guy" by choice, it's what I like, it's what I do. I am well versed in any aspect of the user experience whether that be from a design, development, strategy, direction, management or marketing perspective. I pride myself on being able to see the big picture without losing the details and feel there is a place for both pragmatic and creative thinking with every project. I enjoy solving problems no matter what their nature. I am a natural teacher, excellent communicator, and proven leadership track record. Experienced with working across multiple disciplines and roles. And I never stop learning.
That's enough of the elevator pitch. This site is the “un-design” of my portfolio to display some of my work. Rather than drabble on about myself or my work I’ll just hit on a few points in the Q&A below. 
So what's up with the site ‘design’?
The design (or lack thereof) is really just so that I could have a simple way to display some of my work without getting so hung up on the ‘wrapping paper’. And let's be honest, designers are their own worst client and I’m no exception. I HATE doing work for myself because I can get hung up on trying to make it “too cool” or using all of the latest technology when really all that’s required is an easy way to view the work. That's why most designer portfolios get a redesign once a decade… because we suck as clients. Therefore I chose to remove the ‘must be the coolest design ever imagined’ requirement from the project scope.
Is this really all the work you could come up with after 20+ years?
Uhh... no. I don't freelance much (at all) anymore but when I did, a lot of the work was under NDA/non-advertise/non-compete agreements so some of those projects aren't displayed. Other freelance work either isn't a current representation of my abilities, no longer online or its just old. I do have a 9-5 (or more accurately a 7-6) job and do a lot of design and development every day. Not everything I do daily is ‘portfolio material’. 
Aren’t you just a ‘Flash’ guy, what's with the HTML site?
Granted, a lot of the freelance work I have done in the past has been all Flash-based, but let me be clear. Much like a mechanic isn't defined by the wrench in his toolbox, I am not defined by the tools I use. I think Flash was a great platform that allowed me to express an idea without compromise and deliver a more immersive experience than HTML could ever hope to do. That being said I was coding HTML/CSS/JS by hand long before – and during the time – I started working with Flash. Flash was just a tool like jQuery/React/TypeScript/Photoshop/Etc.. are all just tools. I won't go into my disappointment with where the Flash platform has gone here. I will say that technologies will come and go and if you are stuck being defined by any one of them you are doing yourself a great disservice. 
Did you write every single line of code for this site?
No, absolutely not. I’m a fan of not reinventing the wheel and not too proud to say if a solid code library/framework has already been created to do something I want to do, I use it. Why anyone gets hung up on the need to write everything from scratch is beyond me. That being said, this awesome template of supreme eye candy you see before you (sarcasm) is, in fact, an Adobe Portfolio. Why you ask? Well, Adobe provides me a way to get rid of my absolute worst client... myself. As I've already mentioned, I hate doing work for myself, I'm my own worst critic. I'm also the worst person to communicate requirements to myself, its a perpetual argument with no winner.
Wait a minute, are you a designer or a developer?
Do I have to be either or? I realize that nowadays people are choosing to become/becoming more ‘specialized’ as an information architect, a Photoshop artist, an HTML/CSS coder, or a Javascript developer, etc.. When I started in this industry you were either a front-end or back-end guy. I have always worked hard to make sure I stayed capable of being able to deliver the entire UI. Whether it’s brainstorming, to a concept, to mock-up, to art direction, and finally to production ready code. I’m very comfortable with every aspect of the UI. If it's on this side of the server, that's my gig. I think its important for the designer to be able to understand information delivery and usability when they are creating a mock-up. It’s equally important to understand if/how something can be coded while they are in Photoshop/Sketch. And when the picture has to become reality it’s inevitable that pixels will change when converted to a coded page/widget/application and therefore the UI developer/coder needs to understand what pixels can be altered without losing the integrity of the design.
It’s also a nice balance for me. I can float back and forth between Photoshop/Sketch and code which allows me to not get too burnt out on either. That's just the way I was taught and that's how I continue to progress in my career.
So this all tells me nothing, who are you?
I’m just a guy with a lot of tattoos that likes crayons a little too much. A father of two awesome kids, husband to a wife that lets me think I’m cool, a devoted Boston Celtic fan, Middle School Girls basketball coach, horrible guitar player, wannabe mechanic, and an all-around nice guy (subject to change/debate/opinion). If you need more professional info feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.
Hey, you sound like a cool guy, wanna be Facebook friends?
Thanks but no thanks. Nothing personal, I just try and keep my personal life and professional life as separate as possible.

Need even more info? Really?? Ok, well feel free to shoot me an email.
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