This is my online business card. It has links to items that would otherwise be displayed in a portfolio, resume/CV, or personal pitch package. Aside from being my own worst client, I don't have an ego that compels me to reinvent the wheel in an attempt to display my resume here better than LinkedIn does;  display code better than Github || Codepen; UI || Artwork better than Behance || Dribbble || Instagram; or my senseless ramblings better than Facebook || Twitter. So depending on what you’re after here, the links provided should give you what you need. If you require more information than what these services provide you can feel free to use one of them to reach out to me and ask for more. Trying to sell me something, don't bother. Got a project you want me to work on? Understand that I don't do much (if any) freelance anymore as I prefer the family time and personal projects over the monetary reward that side projects offer. Having said that, if you feel your project would compel me to believe otherwise then feel free to reach out.
Thanks for stopping by.
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